Gigi is Lara Croft


Gigi called me today and told me she wanted to have some fun.  This is no surprise with Gigi and I knew I d get to see her naked if I said yes, so why not.  When I showed up at her house, Gigi came out in this hot sci-fi leather, pleather, latex outfit with these two laser shooters and I popped a hard one right then and there.  Gigi is like every chaps sci-fi ass kicking dominatrix sex goddess in this shoot and it s beautiful fucking amazing.  If you ve ever lusted after a video game character, female super hero, or just a leather clad charming bitch that will make you lick her stilettos, you ve got to check out these pics.  Gigi wasn t joking when she said she wanted to have some fun.  All I wanted to do was smack her ass it looked so fucking good.  Gigi was getting all horny pretending to be this character and she eventually led me to her backyard where she pulled out this studded black vibrator to play with.  If Gigi were really a superhero, her power would be cumming multiple times to bring about world peace.  Since she s not really a superhero, world peace wasn t achieved but I think she made herself semen at least 4 times while I was there. Click here to see more.

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