Internet problems..

Hello there everyone, I would like to apologize if I havent responded to any of your emails, My internet has not been working properly, so I had to have the cable company of course come and fix it today. Thank God! Im so happy its finally fixed. So i will be catching up on emails, and it just really isnt very convient not having the internet, so i really feel for ones who are limited with using the web. So alittle bit about what ive been up to.. Well i have went and done alittle shopping, did some hot sexy videos for you, also shot some sweet picture sets from my friend/photogragher michael. Oh today has been a babysitting day for me, bebe got spayed this morning, so yeah i have been up since 7am today.. She hasnt moved really, has been laying around doing nothing but sleeping. She looks miserable:( Umm besides that have been dealing with cable company all day to fix the internet… which im soo relieved to have it back! I felt naked without it:) hehe Well thanks for all the voting, and also the wishlist gifts! I will be talking with you all later, yes im going to do a cam show at 10pm tonight.. hope to see you there and tomorrow i will have a cam show during the day as well. since im making up the ones i missed:) kisses

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