Cheerleader Amia

This is the first time I ve worked with Amia and let me say, she s gonna keep you cumin back for more!  I met Amia after a long night in the club.  The sun was starting to come up but Amia and her friends were still dancing together and flirting with anyone who walked by.  As a professional playa it was easy to throw a couple of compliments her way and convince her to come to my place that afternoon.  I knew I could get Amia to get freaky for me because any honey that has a neck tattoo is willing to party.  Amia is a dark skinned Latina so she has one of those tan snatches instead of pink and her asshole is as big as a small lemon.  She wears this wide red thong for most of the shoot but you can still see her asshole peeking around it.  Amia started to get wet so I knew it was time to bust out the jackhammer super vibe.  Log on and let Amia show you how deep she can take it.  It s her first time on the net so show her some love.  Click here to see more.

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