Gigi Strawberry Kisses

Always horny. Always naughty. It s Gigi Spice. Gigi has this habit of calling me when she s horny so that I can photograph her fucking herself. Today was no exception. Gigi greeted me at her door in a pink nightie while eating strawberries and I knew it was on. Gigi told me today she was playing the part of the beauty next door. She was prancing around with braids in her hair and slapping the cheeks of her ass together so that they swallowed her thong string. Things quickly heated up from there and soon Gigi was peeling off her soaking wet panties and playing with her clit. Gigi reserved her special black vibrator with jewels on the end just for today. She assured me she could take the whole thing in her cunt right down to the jewels if I let her get herself worked up enough. That basically means if I shut up and let her fuck herself. I don t want to give up the ending so you re gonna have to log on and see if Gigi goes for the gold and gives herself a bedazzled fuck.Click here to see more.

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