Gigi at the Top of the World

Naughty Gigi is up to her old tricks again.  I got a call from her that said to meet her at the top of the world and bring my camera.  Coming from Gigi this could mean anything.  I actually thought I would be shooting her fucking a hottie in a tree house (not a bad idea for future reference) but it turns out she was on the rooftop of an apartment building in a trendy downtown local.  Gigi told me that being up this high and out in the open was making her really horny and that she wanted to get naked and masturbate right now.  I mentioned that she was in plain site of any voyeur with a set of binoculars and she told me that was part of the turn on for her.  Her panties were already wet so who was I to argue?  Any day and any way that Gigi gets naked is a good day so this little Latina vixen went to it.  I m sure some of the pedestrians below knew what was going on when Gigi started moaning over the side of the building as she penetrated herself with her pocket vibe until she came.  Gigi is about as close to a rock star as you can get without actually being a rock star so log on and join her in her mile high city sky masturbation adventure. Click here to see more.

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