Carrie enjoys different toys

Pacino here and have I got a naught, naughty one here for you!  I was walking the streets when I saw this angel window dressing mannequins for this sultry lingerie shop.  It was the kind of kinky lingerie shop where you would shop for your slut mistress for cut out panties, bondage stuff, etc.  This angel was smoking gorgeous so I stopped to watch.  I guess she liked being on stage because she started playing with the mannequin s breasts and clit when no one was watching.  I knew I had to meet this babe so I motioned to her to come outside for a second.  Granted it took a few minutes to convince her to come back to my hotel room but I knew this was going to be a gorgeous and ultra kinky session.  Carrie is not an inhibited person.  In fact by the time she started to take off her panties I could see that a wet spot had collected in her crotch.  I told her it was ok to play with herself and she immediately reached down, shoved two fingers inside herself and then sucked off her cunt juice.  One thing lead to another and before the end of the night Carrie had played with a beaded glass dildo, a banana and a champagne bottle.  I will now let the photos speak for themselves because seriously, what else is there to say?  Carrie is hot, wild and hopefully gonna be a repeat performer! Click here to see more.

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