Cristal Masturbates

Hoo-haa! Pacino here and I ve got a live one for ya.  Meet Cristal.  If you saw Cristal on the streets you would think she was a quiet and reserved college freshman who s idea of a fun Friday night was to get an ice cream and watch romantic comedies.  Gosh dang you d be wrong!  Cristal is a super bad ass that is stuck in an innocent angels body.  She s got a glamorous thickness about her with natural breasts that would make that slapping sound if you crammed her hard from behind.  But if you saw Cristal bend down, you d be able to glimpse her tramp stamp tattoo on her lower back and the pretty black thong that she has wedged up her ass an over the top of her low cut jeans.  It was easy to convince her to come back to my place and get naked for me.  I always have tons of toys on hand and Cristal pulled out two right away.  She stuffed her cunt with a thick pink and white one while she hammered away at her clit with a pink a clear vibrator.  I m tellin ya, Cristal is a wild little devil with the face of an angel and a body built for sin. Click here to see more.

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