Julia Is A Freak


Ha, cha, cha.  Pacino here and I ve got a little freak on hand for you today.  I ve said it before and I ll say it again; it s the quiet, shy, skinny ones that are the biggest sex freaks out there!  You d pass Julia on the streets and think she was into reading vampire novels and shopping at the mall.  You would never peg her for a freak addicted to the kink.  Julia told me she gets off by being treated like a bitch.  She loves rough sex and loves to have her asshole and cunt stretched wide open before getting crammed.  This makes for a great photo shoot because I got my lens right up in her grill as she spread her asshole so wide you could see in.  For this scene, Julia was pretending to be a naughty coat check beauty.  She says her fantasy is to have people cumming by to pick up their jackets and catch her masturbating on their furs.  Needless to say, the only toy Julia could find to play with in the coat checkroom was a bright red hanger.  I m not going to tell you where the hanger winds up but it s worth logging on to find out.  I will say Julia gets to suck her goo off of it and it s not to be missed. Click Here To See More!

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