Wild Sexy Dorm Room Party

There is something about black light that makes me go crazy, I fucking love it, and this latest daredorm submission they combined the two things I love. Black light and hot chicks. This party gets so out of hand at one point that they break one of the black lights, but they keep partying like if nothing happen. There is a gorgeous blond with some huge tits that was making my dick hard just by looking at her. Just when you thought that there were way to many people in this small ass room, ever more people show up and everything gets wild. The camera man is basically walking around the room, when all of a sudden in one corner there is a chick blowing this dude up, and it only gets better after that. Yep, it was that kind of party that everyone will regret allowing to be put on video, but for us the action it hot, the girls are horny as hell, and they get into all sort of fun including letting loose their wild lesbian side and group sex too! These coeds know how to party!

Check out the full video at Daredorm, start downloading the video now!

Originally Syndicated via RSS from Dirty Amateurs Videos

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