Luna the Naughty School Hottie

Fresh new talent alert! Log on and check out Luna. You won t see her anywhere else but here at Pacinos Adventures. Bringing you the stars of tomorrow today. Luna is a check out angel at a big chain supermarket. She may look sweet and innocent in her green work apron but I could tell by the way she cracked her gum and twirled her hair that she had a wild side to her. I was stocking up on snacks for my hotel room but I pulled the wait I need something scheme. So I ran to the pharmacy section and picked up a bottle of lube/massage oil just to see her reaction. She rang it up, leaned over the counter, squeezed her breasts together and asked if I needed anything else with that. So I gave her my card and told her only you. No joke two hours later I was on the phone with Luna and she told me of a park to meet her at. All I can say is that Luna is gonna be a big star some day. She had on this cute plaid tie and skirt set with no panties. Luna s nineteen-years-old so her body is smoking. Since she came straight from work she didn t have time to shave fresh so you can see her little pubic hairs growing in on her tight little cunt. Luna really shocked me when she asked if I brought the lube I bought. Of course I didn t but she said it didn t matter that she was soaking wet anyway. With that she started to fuck herself with this little pink vibrator that she had in her bag. I never would have expected her to go all out on her first shoot but Luna didn t disappoint. Destined for stardom, log on and catch her here first as she sucks her own jizz off her marvelous little vibrator. Click here to see more!

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