Gigi Spice in Denim

You know her, you love her, its Gigi. Gigi is the one beauty that seriously keeps me on my toes. I never know what to expect from this one. Today s Gigi adventure involved her showing up unannounced to my apartment with a see through hot pink tank top and a micro denim skirt on. I asked her if she was going on a date and she said and I quote, “yea. I m going on a date with my pink vibrator up on your roof and you re gonna take pictures of it.” With that she barged into my apartment, grabbed a bottle of water and took off for the roof. I barely had time to grab my camera before she was starting to take her top off and pull her skirt up. Gigi clearly needed to jizz hard. I ll let these images speak for themselves since there really isn t much more to say. I should call this photo set horny Gigi because it s basically what it is. Log on and watch as she pinches her nipples, gets her cunt wet and fucks herself on her back, on her stomach, on all fours and every which way in between. When she finally finished she said she was reading your fan mail and it got her all turned on and she wanted to know that her fans got to watch her get off for them because it was you that got her turned on in the first place. Welcome to the world of Gigi. Enjoy… Click here to see more!

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