Texas Teen Zoe Parker Wants To Be a Pornstar

zoe parker first time for everything

Zoe Parker is a girl who wants to be in porn, and she has the body for it – she’s smaller on the top but with a big sexy booty and she loves to fuck – but she’s never been fucked on camera and she’s never been fucked by a big cock. First Time Auditions surprises her by turning her interview into a fuck, and the cock in question is big enough to get her attention!

Zoe Parker is a sweet 19 year old girl from Dallas, Texas. She arrived at First Time Auditions a little nervous and shy. But she was hoping for a big dick and to be treated really rough. That’s when Sean came into the picture. As soon as she put her hand on the bulge in his pants she was confident. This would be better than expected. She was curious how big he would really be. Quickly she unzipped his pants and loved what she saw. The big dick disappeared between her hungry lips.After she tasted all sides of him she climbed on top of Sean and let his big cock slowly slide between her other lips. After some riding she turned around and humped him some more. She was curious how he would taste now so she gave him another blow. Next they did some missionary, some doggy during which he pulled her hair and then Sean came all over Zoe’s beautiful butt. What a great first time.

Gotta wonder how long it will be until someone if fucking her ass on camera, that butt is too good to leave alone!

zoe parker first time auditions

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