Hot Interracial Couple Sucks And Fucks

When Rikki finds her black knight in shining armor, she immediately approaches him as asks if he likes having his huge member sucked until he bursts. Most guys wouldn’t know what to say in this situation, but Rikki’s man knows: he says that he loves it when a tiny little white bitch sucks his cock until his balls scream. So Rikki takes her guy back to her house for a little oral report.

Once Rikki is undressed except for her slutty pink negligee with her little tits peeking out through the see-through fabric, Rikki’s man pulls down his pants. She doesn’t even wait for him to take off his underwear. Rikki starts gently biting his cock through his underwear, making him even harder than he already is. She can feel his enormous black rod throbbing to be licked through his clothes, so she pulls his underwear down and licks the tip. He groans and begs for her to take all 12 inches into her mouth. Rikki happily agrees, slowly swallowing his entire dick. As her pink lips slide lower and lower, closing in on his balls, he thinks he’s going to blow already! But he manages to hold off while she bobs her head up and down on his dick for a while longer. Finally, he lets a load of juice free all over her sweet white face and rosy cheeks.

She licks up the remainder from her lips, and then lays down, moving her pink teddy to the side and revealing her delicate pink pussy for his black mouth. He dives into her swollen pink juiciness, slurping up every drop of her juices. She grinds her hips against his mouth as he sucks her clit and licks at her hole. She spreads her legs as wide as they will go as her body pulses with orgasm. He sucks all of her juice out of her twat and licks his lips.  

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