Hibernating = More Sex!

Hi Guys,

  Hope you had a nice weekend.  Mine was very relaxing.  Ended up going out for some sushi last night and then coming home to watch more of Lost season 3.  That show is so good it was hard for me to stop it and go to bed.  I love getting all the shows on DVD so I don’t have to watch the commercials anymore.  The bad part is I have no self control.  I say I am only going to watch one episode and then go to bed but nooo… I usually end up watching three and then it is so late.  Oh well, I got to sleep in today so no harm done. 

  Just about to head to the gym now.  We are going to probably chill again tonight.  We just haven’t felt like going out much lately, very strange.  Maybe my body cycle still thinks it is winter and time to hibernate or something.  I should plan a day out in the sun and give it a shock. haha  Staying in does have one advantage though… more sex! 

      Kisses, Sammy

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