Late Journal posting.

howdy kiddies. im just hanging out, enjoying a cigarette and! nothing too exciting. but yeah im still so glad that i went to a hotel for two nights. FINALY i get to something i ENJOY instead of sitting on my ass around the house and picking my nose and finding fun places to put it…lol. j/k i dont wipe my boogers on the walls just tissues. but yeah not a super exciting day but it is still a good one. I just got my new laptop today though and i LOVE it to death!!! the only thing that is not too fun right now is that i cant get it to work right. maybe because of certain settings but not because of the computer itself…because it KICKS ASS!!! eeehehehehe! but the problem is that i cant go to any sites or anything. not on explorer or anything…i dont get it. i type in like a bagillion different sites and its like NO fuck you Liz! and i just pout. even though it was working at the office earlier when i picked it up today. but yeah thats the most exciting thing about my day and i am so happy about it. thank you so much Wulf. and EVERYONE for the kick ass presents….the panties and stockings and arm thingies and dresses and stuff. they are all so beautiful and i love them! as soon as i looked at the giant box of presents i had a huge smile on my face and looking through the box my smile became bigger. anyways im out of here. i gotsta potty. lol. love you all and see you soon and talk to you even sooner.

 -ME!!!! LIZ!!!- lol

-Liz- xoxo

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