hanging out chillaxin!

hey so im sitting here watching t.v and was just thinking about how things have been since i have started my site. for one i love everyone that has been a member and also i love all my fans as well. you mean soo much to me and i really do enjoy being on my site. u know its the first thing i always do every day and if not the first i still make time to get on and chat with you all and take naughty pics! hehe but yeah its been soo much fun hanging out with everyone and letting everyone know where ive been traveling to and all that fun stuff. im honored to be on the front cover of a magazine, something i have always dreamt of and it actually happened! and also all the gifts i have gotten over the past 2 years from my members off of my wishlist, thanks soo much! oh and just so u all know i have a new wishlist that is on amazon! so i have lots of cute and sexy stuff i would love to have one day to wear and use just for u! hehe but yeah thanks for everything and this just goes out to everyone that is a fan and has been or is a member! love ya all, kisses and hope ya have a great day! muah

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