Aunt Flow..

…SUX!!!! SHE SUUUUX!!!! I really do hate having my period some times. I know its natural and yeah almost every woman goes through it but DAMN it gets old some times. Plus it gets in the way of my cam fun. lol. Anyways I had a pretty fucking boring and disapointing day. I wasnt as busy as I thought I was going to be. That is all happening tomorrow with Miss Raven  Riley! wooo hoo! When Raven and I are in the same room together, weather we are by ourselves or there is a camera around somewhere, its always sexy. lol!!! Something sexy, fun, and erotic happens and most of the time everyone ends up getting a peak. Well I should go brush my teeth, get a drink…juice of course…, and then take off all my clothes and slip into the cool soft sheets on my bed…because I’m going to need my beauty sleep and alot of R&R for tomorrow. I have a feeling its going to be very exciting and very tiering. lol. Take care and talk to you all again soon. Love ya and if you cant be good be safe. lol.

-Liz- xoxo

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