My new work out machine!

hey there, okay so today i yesterday i had a pretty cool day. i recieved a few gifts from my wishlist which i cant wait to try on:) hehe and also i got back home and got my new workout machine. its a bowflex but not the kind u are thinking of! lol its a mix between a treadmill and a stepper. i love it. i was on it last  night for 30 min, it was such a workout!lol but yeah they say u do it 3 times a week for 30 min each time and in 6 weeks u should see a big result. so i hope it works cuz i need to get fit for my trip ill be taking in april. im going to cabo and i cant wait! hehe never been ther before but i really hope its nice and relaxing yet fun and outgoing and crazy! i like that hehe but yeah ill be spending alot of time working out and hanging out on my cam. dont forget i have my new private cam to cam now so i can spend alot of time getting to know u all one by one:) hehe but yeah wait til u see me all fit, im really going to work hard this time just cuz last time i gave up and i dont want to do that this time:0 im stronger then that! hehe okay well i hope ya all have a great day ill be heading to the work out machine in alittle hehe kisses

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