Dying my hair!!!

Im having a blast dying my hair. lol. I dont have one of those cape thingies that hair dressers use so I grabbed a white garbage bag and I cut a small hole for my head and my arms and slipped it over my head and then taped it up a bit around my neck so I didnt get red dye all over me because it is SOOOO hard to get off skin. lol. My hair is soo long that I have to use 2 things of the same dye or I will have big chunks of hair that doesnt have any dye in it. So I grabbed my bye bowl and one of my big dye brushes and I began slopping on the dye. It took me about 10 minutes to completely saturate my hair and wipe off some of the accidental smudges on my face, neck and ears. After that was all done I cut myself out of the bag and put my hair up so it didnt get all over. I jumped on the couch and started painting my nails. They’re dry now so I called my phone blog and I’m now writing my journal entry for today! Fun stuff hu? lol. No not really I know. lol. Well im gunna jump off here and go wash it out now. Take care and talk to you again soon.

-Liz- xoxo

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