chillin at house

hey everyone, well first off i would like to say that im soo glad that u all came to see me at my cam show last night. i hope u all had fun, hehe one thing i want to say is thank u for the  chanel sunglasses off of my wishlist, u know who u are! hehe i cant wait to use them, and also from someone else i want to thank ya for the silky sheets and outfit, i cant wait to use them as  but yeah tonight i have a show at 8pm est time. so im hoping u will come by and see me:) if u cant make it it will be taped for ya guys. but yeah i need to make a hair appt sometime this week, i think im tired of the purple,lol i jus think im going to go all dark again. hehe maybe this summer ill do some carmel highlights? wat would u think about that? well write me and tell me if u have any opinions hehe. but yeah im really going to be chillin but oh yeah i have a ortho appt today so well i cant wait to get my new retainers, but i only have a few more retainers to go then my teeth will be straight hehe i mean they look pretty good so far hehe ok enough of me blabbling lol hope ya all have a great day! thnk of me ill be thinking of ya, kisses

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