hanging out as of now!

so everyone knows im out of town right now, ill be back monday and well i took the dogs with me this time! haha yeah well i jus got up alittle bit ago and ate some breakfast. it was sooo god:) one bad thing is that aunt flow jus got intown today so im feeling all lazy and crampy, hehe so good thing you arent around me hehe just kidding! im nice always:) but yeah i think a few of us are going to go to the store and get some things then im not sure whats going on after that:) buuuutt its the weekand so i was wanting to let everyone know that be safe and have a great weekand, ill be chilling around being lazy prolly the rest of the day. havent felt like doing much since this morning but yeah tomrorow im going to go jog outside i think, since im away doesnt mean i need to stop working out! haha im really into the whole working out thing, i think im going to stick with it this time! yes hehe im seeing results already which makes me want to workout more i think! heh thanks for the support muah! love ya and talk to u later! kisses

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