Hey again.

Hi everybody. Sorry I have been kinda slackin on both journals. Its just that I have been super busy with moving and all. I am having a pretty bad week too. Im just really stressed out and none of my roomates seem to notice that Im upset and if they do I guess they just dont care about me. Not one of them have tried to comfort me at all or anything. I just feel used and alone right now. If any of them ask for anything I will give it to them but no one seems to care when I need something. Oh well I shouldnt bug everyone like this. lol. I should just get over it. So I will. Oh well there are always new people and better friends right? lol. Look to the future. Well take care and talk to you all soon. And dont worry about any of this its nothing serious just feeling a little blue and all and venting a wee bit. lol. Love you all!!!! Muah!

-Liz- xoxo

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