Will be traveling

Hi Guys,

  Wanted to let you know we will be leaving tonight, heading over to London and then down to South America.  No flights from here to there or we could just skip the whole London idea.  It is going to be freezing, literally.  (If I come back with no butt you know where it froze off at.)  No, worries I already have two cams packed.  That should be enough for a hotel room.  We also packed all the vid and pic equipment.  They have a nude beach down there that I can not wait to go get naughty on.  I think it will be my first stop after I drop my bags off. 

  We haven’t really planned much for the trip, just going to wing it once we get there.  Seems like their is so much fun things outdoors to do that we will have no problem staying busy.  I am excited.  I have had a pair of hiking boots for a couple of years now and have never put them to good use.  Hoping I will finally break them in.

  As far as the site goes.  Like I said I will have a couple of cams with me so that department is taken care of.  I have updates already in place for the next couple of weeks, good to go their.  I should not have any problems getting on the net at least once a day so if you need anything no problem.  It will really be no different then usual.  Ok, I might have a few extra pics for the message board but that is a good thing.

  Gatta run and finish packing.  Everything is done except for my clothes…. maybe I shouldn’t waste the time and just spend all my time at the nude beach. o

  Kisses, Sammy

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