got back intown yesterday!

hey there okay so it seems like forever since i have been here i know, lol  but yeah i got back yesterday and im really glad that i could come back for alittle bit, buuutt im actually leaving today to head to detroit but i will be back by sunday and ill be having my cam show at 11pm est time, so dont miss out! hehe i hope that everyone has a great weekand! i have to hurry up and get ready im already running late, haha i jus woke up and have to be ready in like a hour hehe,but yeah i thought i would write u all real quick and let u know im still here haha was just out of town. but yeah i went to texas to take some fleshlight pics and stuff for when my very own fleshlight  comes out and you all can actually purchase them, hehe i cant wait and then when i have my cam shows you guys can actually use it while im doing my show! okay well sorry so short but have to get a shower and pack hehe kisses

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