Love the Beach, not the Sun

Hi Guys,

  I have definitely fallen in love with the beach over the last couple of days.  I really think I might just have to move out of the city and get a place on the beach.  It is just so gorgeous and peaceful.  Would be so nice to be able to look out my office window and see the surf.  Although not sure how much work I would actually get done then. 

  Brett and I went on a three hour run this morning.  Well honestly we ran for about 45 minutes and then walked the rest.  haha I am not a runner.  I can do cardio on the elliptical or aerobics forever but running just kicks my ass.  We left in the morning and was back about 11:30 so we though we missed the worst part of the sun but my skin is telling me quite a different story.  My sunblock did not do much good and I think it must have gotten washed away with all my sweat, unfortunately.  I have quite ugly tan lines now. (

  Going out for sushi and again tonight.  It was so good last night we have to go get some more. yum yum

     Kisses, Sammy

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