I am Lobster, hear me roar! haha

Hi guys,

  Say hello to lobster woman! haha  Got a bit too much sun yesterday as I had thought.  I did go out and buy some stronger, water resistant sun block last night.  Still going to try to stay out of the sun as much as I can today.  As much as I try to never get a tan much less a burn I always seem to get one.  My poor skin.  I wish my room had a tub in it so I could fill it with lotion and soak for an hour.  That could be fun…. would take a heck of a lot of bottles of lotion though.  And seeings how I would have to go outside and walk to the store and back with all these lotion bottles I think I will have to pass. 

  Going to do a google search and see what there is to do inside around here.  Not sure if they have a mall or theater to go to.  Oh, I don’t think I told you while we were in Lindon we were able to catch a show, “The Sound of Music”.  Their website said they were all sold out but we went to the ticket counter to check anyways and they had tickets in the front row for less then half the price of a not so good seat on their site.  Wish we would have put off getting our “Wicked” tickets now.  Oh well, we know better for next time.

  I have some really pretty pictures to share with you.  I should have them uploaded by tomorrow.  We found some really good places to shoot some pictures for the site as well….. but I am going to wait to shoot them until my lobster skin subsides a bit. lol 

  Kisses, Sammy

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