made it back safe!

hey hey okay so i got back today from detroit and had soo much fun! i love my friends out there hehe and we partied the whole time! haha it was good for me to hang out with friends and just go to different clubs out there and i got vip and it was just awesome! hehe hung out with some sexy girls and met dj scribble! hehe he is sweet, well so now im back and i had my cam show alittle bit ago and wow was it great to hang out with everyone! hehe it seemed like forever since i last talked to you guys! hehe im glad to be back though. im not going anywhere for alittle bit now, i think i leave again in like a month. im going to cabo and cant wait! its goin to be a blast! ill be laying out in the sun with my girlfriends and getting a nice tan and some tan lines for you all! hehe oh and also i have my first private cam show tomorrow with a member. im really excited and cant wait to hang out with him, just me and him:) hehe so if you would like to do a private chat with me just let me know cause im really excited to get to hang out and get to know you one on one;) hehe but yeah i think its time for me to go to bed, i just ate had my show and well im done for the night! haha ill be on here all day tomorrow catching up on emails and what not! hehe i cant wait to hear what you all wrote me:) hope ya missed me and well gotta go! kisses and night!

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