Went to the cookout!

okay so i just got back from a cookout! hehe the weather was like perfect today so a few of my friends had a cookout and invited me to come out and eat! hehe and of course how could i miss a oppertunity like that haha, foood!!! so i went there and hung out chatted and ate some steak and hamburgers and some other stuff as well:) it was soo good, i was suppose to go see 300 but of course i missed it again! damn wel i missed the latest time to go see it:( so i have to wait till tomorrow which sucks,lol i feel like ill never be able to watch this movie hehe but yeah i have heard its soo good. but now im watching billy madison and its soo freaking funny. so i had bought borat yesterday so im going to pop that in and then going to bed! im taking some pics tomorrow when i get up:) i need to be well rested! hehe well talk to u later think of me tonight,kisses

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