New Movie – Sucky Fucky

Hi Guys,

  This weeks movie is ready for you.  Hope you like my tiny, little, slutty, school girl outfit.  A tight white button down with my black bra showing through and my cleavage hanging out.  My itsy bitsy green plaid skirt that is so short it shows my panties when I bend over just the slightest.  And of course my 6 inch tall black platform stiletto heels.  Laying on the couch I pulled my panties to the side and felt myself up until I found a hard cock to start sucking on.  That wasn’t enough to satisfy my craving for an orgasm though.  So with my panties pulled to the side and me ready and waiting in the doggy style position I got fucked hard and had a major orgasm.  It cleared my craving for now but you know once you get a taste you always want to go back for more. 
Sucky Fucky Sammy4u Movie Update

Enjoy,  Sammy

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