Gwen Diamond Does 10 Inches of Black Dick

Gwen is a porn star who is very picky about her men. Gwen won’t deal with the small cocks on white guys. No, Gwen only wants her little white pussy filled with the biggest dicks in the business. And no white guy can measure up to the enormous size of a black cock.

When Gwen decided to do a film with a new star, she made sure he was a well hung stud of a black man. She felt better when she got ready to do the scene with him and she could see how huge he was through his jeans. Gwen stripped off her own jeans and pulled her panties away from her tiny white twat. She watched her costar’s cock grow on his jeans. She couldn’t wait – she had to have his manhood in her mouth!

Pulling his jeans down, she found his big black manliness protruding through his underwear. She reached in and grabbed his cock, immediately swallowing it down into her mouth. He groaned and gripped the back of her head, shoving her further down his shaft. Gwen deep throated his cock, letting him go as deep as she could get him. After fucking her mouth, he wanted her pussy.

Without taking her top off, Gwen revealed her little pink nipples to him and he sucked on her tits while she guided his hard black rod into her wet white slit. She opened for his cock, and he stretched her pussy hole. Spreading her legs further apart, he slammed further into her body than she had ever had a man go. All ten inches of his dick were buried in her wetness when his balls tightened against his body and he released his load into the tiny pink gash. His throbbing dick brought Gwen over the edge and she let her white cream cover his black cock.

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