Staying Busy

Good Morning!

  We are having a good time still although I am going to have to come home soon.  Eating at these buffets everyday is killing me.  I can’t wait to get back and have some spicy food.  They do have a sushi restaurant here so we ate their last night, it was pretty yummy, huge portions.  Besides all the eating we haven’t been doing much. haha  Just kidding.  We have been staying real active.  Still going to the gym and taking long walks and bike rides, with tons of sunblock on. 

  Sorry none of my cams are up but where we are staying now only has internet availability in the common game room.  Can’t even sneak a wireless connection back in the room.  We will be home soon though so I will get everything set back up as soon as we land. Well… land and get home. )

   Kisses, Sammy

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