Happy st. pattys day!!!

hey there okay so today is st pattys day!!! yeah hehe well im not irish but im going to go out tonight and have some fun! hehe seems like thats what ive been doing like all week! lol but who cares hehe, yeah im supposed to meet up with some friends later and going to go out to some parties! oh yeah im ready hmm i need to get in something green heh;) i hope everyone has a great day and be careful. im sure you will be drinking green beer! haha well i need to get going so i can get my butt in the shower and get ready to head out. im taking the dogs to get spoiled at the groomers, haha they deserve it, and then prolly spend some time with them until i get back to head out with my friends, so sorry so short but il talk to you all tomorrow, i might be online later so hit me up with an email if you want to chat! hehe ill be watiing, well kisses!!!!

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