Just going to bed. lol!

I have had a very different evening. All kinds of crazy stuff happened to me and then this crazy fucking guy that walks around town showed up at our door tonight! Well I was just sitting on the couch and watching TV while stuffing my face with a giant burrito and there is this really soft weird knock on the door. Well I looked out the window to see who the hell it could of been soooo late and it was that crazy fucking random guy! He knocked and knocked and every time he knocked it just became louder and heavier and he was mumbling random ass shit behind the door and just being really weird and creepy. Well it was just Danzig Matthew, my sis and I. I got super pissed and so did Danzig Matthew because it was freaking my sister out and we didn’t want her to feel threatened when she is over at my house. I took my sis into my computer room and went back into the living room standing in the general area you have to go through to get to the computer room. Matthew answered the door and asked him what the hell he wanted and the guy was fucking sooo fucked up on who knows what. He was faling all over the place just trying to stand still and I had my cell in my hand just in case of anything. He started to laugh and then cry to Matthew about his girlfriend that I’m sure doesn’t exist and then asked Matthew for $500 so he could go get crack!!! My jaw dropped and I went to the door and told him to get the fuck out of here. Matthew laughed in shock because we didn’t even know the guy and then told him he needed to leave right now because it was in his best interest. lol. He finally left and turned around and fell really hard on his face right in the middle of the street. As he was standing up a cop turned down our street because I guess a neighbor seen it all and called for us. We just went inside and laughed about it and comforted my sister and continued with the TV/movie watching. CRAZY ASS NIGHT hu?!?! lol. Wow. Well anyways everything is fine now and we had a great evening after that. Now I’m going to jump in bed and work all day tomorrow. I hope we get another nice day so I can do a bunch of really neat daylight/outside shoots, but either way it’s going to be a lot of fun! yay! See ya in the funnies and take care.

-Liz Vicious- xoxo

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