back from cabo!

so glad to be back to you all. hehe so i had soo much fun, the weather was awesome, partied with all my friends and got me some sun! hehe the scenery was soo pretty and i went on this banana boat thing in the ocean and omg it was scary! lol at first i was like ok this should be fun, but then all of a sudden it tipped over and wasnt cool. lol i swallowed a bunch of salt water and wow did that suck. but i had a blast jus hanging out at the pool. one thing i was kinda sad about is my pink camera broke:( i was at a club and one of my girls took it to take a pic of me and dropped it. so now it doesnt work!:( u cant see anything and i was sad. but everything else was fun and i cant wait to go back again next year! hehe but now its time to make up on my work:) answer everyone back! oh yeah sorry had to cancel my show but came back later then what i thought. one thing though i will be making up my cam show from monday prolly sunday before my 11pm show. i was going to make it up tomorrow but i doubt not everyone will get to see it with such short notice. so keep your eye out for the make up show time on sunday. ill be posting it on the webcam page:) well im going to work on my emails, so ill talk to you all soon! kisses

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