show at 5pm est time

hey hey, so today is my cam show at 5pm est time. so i hope everyone can make it and i know that i have alot to do today. well not too much but i need to unpack my luggage which you know that i hate! lol then i have to get my butt going and head to the gym. i feel soo flubbery since i have been gone for a week and havent worked out:( but also i have my show at 5 which you better come! hehe and also need to write out my bills and catch up on some more work! but yeah i think i might go lay out today, since i do have some sun and some tan lines! hahah one thing though i wish i could have gotten darker but oh well, i did have fun though and thats all that matters! so im going to finish writing my members back, but jus wanted to say hey! so talk to you soon! kisses

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