.Not much to write about. I’m sick and bored. I need to go to the store sooo bad. I have a long list of shit that I need to get. If I don’t get to go to the store for another week I am gunna flip out on everyone I see. I had all kinds of stuff in a bag too and my fucking rude as fuck selfish ass room mates decided to be stupid assholes and eat all my candy well chocolate I mean every fucking bit of it and I had 7 king sized different kinds of candy that I baught FOR MY FUCKING SELF and I told EVERYONE not to touch itBUT EVERYONE IS FUCKING SELFISH AND FUCKING DUMBER THAN ASS FUCKING RUDE COCK SUCKING GRADE A DICKHEAD SONS O BITCHES!!! I am too old to deal with this bullshit. I had all kinds of shit in this bag and a few other bags around the house and I always have to hide my shit because stupid fuckers.GOD MOTHER FUCKING COCK SUCKING FUCKING DAMNIT!!!! This SHIT..BULLSHITREALLY FUCKING PISSES me off!!!! Fuck I just want to beat the fuck out of them and make them cry while I take their money tie them up strip them down to their tighty whiteys cover them in sticky ass syrup and just flog them until I feel better and then sit them out in the hot sun covered in mayo. I really fucking hate them right now. Almost everyone I fucking hang out with are big fucking dick heads. God damnit why does this shit happen to me? I need to go on a vacation. Take care and talk to you later.

-Liz- xoxo

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