spring cleaning!

hey hey, so today i havent done too much but one thing i did do that took me forever! lol was i cleaned my office out:) it took me like almost 3 hours to do. i couldnt belive it. but im all organized now which is awesome, now all i have to do is get a filing cabinent and im good:) im going to pick that up tomorrow! but after that went to drop off the dogs at the groomers and they got pampered! hehe they are soo wore out now. lol and after i dropped them off i went to hustler and got me a new dildo! aww i love it, i jus tested it out alittle bit ago and it feels soo real! hehe but today has been a relaxing day really. kinda! haha but tomororw ill be pretty busy. looks like my weekand wont be soo relaxing, going to be pretty busy. but jus wanted to say hello and that i thought i would fill ya in on wats up! talk to u soon kisses! send me an email if ya want ill be up:)

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