Booty Building

Hi Guys,

  Sorry I didn’t post yesterday.  Brett and I went out for a glass of wine and well one turned in to two which turned in to… well you know.  So sorry but I will catch ya all up today. 

  I have a serious butt problem.  My Pilate’s teacher said “Your arms and legs are so well defined but I would like to see you add a little more shelf to your butt.”  AHHH. I told you I had to build my butt and you all said… “It looks great to me”.  HAHA I am on a serious mission to build a nice firm booty.  I am going to do pliea squats night and day until it plumps up. 

  I have a cam show tomorrow afternoon.  It is at 4pm edt so you guys on the east coast need to hurry home from work so we can have some fun.  If you will still be at work during that time sneak on in for a little bit, don’t let your boss catch you though.  This will be my only cam show for this week.  I am going out of town on Wednesday morning.

  See you tomorrow.

Kisses, Sammy

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