New myspace lay out!

hey hey just to give you a heads up ill be working with my designer on getting a new myspace lay out up for you all! hehe i have had the same one up for 2 years now and its time for a change! haha but yeah i hope that this one will be pimp! haha okay so im here at the office and not sure what il be doing later, i think after my cam show im meeting up with some friends and we are heading out! so look out boys here we come! haha but yeah this weekand i think i might head out to detroit and visit with some of my friends, we will see how good my weeek goes;) hehe i hope that everyone had a great day and hope to see ya at my cam show later;) ill be chilling out talking with my members and getting all naked and teasing ya! hehe okay well talk to you all later! oh yeah dont forget my birthday is september 6th! hehe so watch out vegas i might be heading out there:) hehe i hope so;)

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