going to get some wings!

well hello everyone, today i basically slept in til about 130 which is not normal for me! hehe and now im going to meet a friend or two to go get some wings! hehe yum yum i went just alittle bit ago and got my hummer detailed which it needed. but i was supose to take some pics today but i cant belive i slept that long. so i will be working on that tonight and the next few days. hope that you all have a great evening. also one thing i had mentioned in my cam show last night for those of you who are or know any tatoo artists i would love if you could send me pics of my key thats on my site with some kind of design around it fit for the back on my neck. at the end of this year i am going to get one since it will be my 3 year reunion for my site being up:) hehe so any ideas would be great! well talk to you all soon;) kisses

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