Got Alot Done Today

Hi Guys,

  Had a busy day today.  Went grocery shopping, finally.  Remember the other day when I said we didn’t have any food?  We finally went and got some.  Then I had a cam show… thanks to everyone who came to it.  I had a really good time and two orgasms. )   After the show I worked on tomorrows update and then hit the gym for an hour and a half work out.  I know I am going to be sore tomorrow and that is going to suck cause I have Pilate’s at noon.  Got home from the gym and had to clean the house.  It really needed a good cleaning.  Showered and now we are making dinner.  Well I took a quick break to come check my e-mail and ended up writing my journal.  So, now I think I can relax.  We have an episode of Big Brother to watch and one of Flipping Out… which is a pretty funny show.  Dinner is ready so have to go.

     Kisses, Sammy

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