Pamela shows off her Hooters


Pamela was playing around the other day and she actually asked me if she should get implants! I was like, are you fucking serious? She’s got the most awesome body and the hardest nipples you’ll ever see when the room gets cold. Those nubs stand up like diamond-cutters! As it turns out, a friend of hers was thinking of applying for a job at hooters and Pamela really liked the idea of working there but was afraid her titties were too small for her to get hired. So anyway, I got her a shirt from one of their stores and let her throw it on. She perked up quick and agreed she didn’t want to be a waitress, she just wanted more attention from the boys who hang out by the bar. I told her to pose in the shirt so I could post some images here on her site… and that would get her a lot more attention world-wide than any restaurant ever would. Consummate body saved, it was a joy filming this scene for her fans. Come on inside and see what happened next… it was fucking wild! Click here to see more.

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