Salome has the flawless round ass


Salome isn’t quite ready to become a serious model, hell she isn’t ready to be a serious anything haha. She’s still at that playful age where everything is a joke and nothing matters to her all that much. Carefree and full of charm, she has a sassy attitude that at times makes you want to discipline her and at other times makes all of your troubles seem to melt away. Here she is fooling around down by the swimming pool and flashing her signature smile. Just as I was getting some of the best photos and movie scenes we have ever filmed of Salome, she goes and flips me off with her middle-finger for sexy much no reason. This hottie is a wild one, untamed and always looking to get herself into trouble… it’s great to get access to darling teens like Salome before they become predictable like other beauties.  Click here to see more.

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